Welcome to
- the place where you can chat anonymously!
This site allows you to chat anonymously with any numbers of friends. The unique idea is; Every input is only saved as pure macro-free text files. Not even the images will be saved as something other than text!
There are..
• No personal user data!
• No sign up!
• No login!
• No cookies!
• No ads!
If you write text, it will be saved as a .txt-file locally on the server. However, there are no personal user data attached to the created text file. The only thing saved is what you write. Even uploaded pictures will be transformed into text and then deleted. Only the text-version of the image will remain as a local .txt-file.
This site is a beta 2.0-launch Mars 2021. It's kinda a social experiment where if and how it develops in the future is determined by if and how people use this site.