This site allows you to chat, send pictures and messages as a pure text-files to friends. There are no personal user data, no sign up, no login, no cookies and no ads!

What you write will be saved on the server as a macro-free text file and you are given an ID and link to read the file. You then can then send this link or ID to friends, and they have the chance to answer within that chat room, creating a new text file as an answer. Any number of users can converse within the same thread. But if you drop the link, you lose the conversation and have to create a new chat room.

I'm excited to announce that you are also able to send pictures as a completely macro-free text file. Upon uploading an image, a script in PHP will save all the pixel information as a text file. Your uploaded image will then immediately get erased. When you wanna see the picture, PHP will use the pixel information to temporary recreate it locally in your web browser. To not have it buffer and saved in your web browser, I strongly suggest surfing incognito or using DuckDuckGo's app when using this site. You can however also just clear your browsing history.

But even more exciting! You can view, share and download the text-file containing the image information. Inside the file is information on how to recreate the image even if you only have one text file and go offline.
Terms & Conditions @  
1. No personal user data
• This site saves no personal user data.
• This site has no sign up nor login.
• This site doesn't use cookies.
• This site has no ads.
• If you upload text, it will be saved as a .txt-file locally on the server. However, there are no personal user data attached to the created text file. The only thing saved is what you enter. Nothing more, nothing less.
• If you upload an image, it's pixel-information will be saved as a .txt-file and then the picture will instantly get deleted. To view an uploaded image, I either use PHP or JavaScript to re-create the image temporary, but it only exists on the server as a pure macro-free text. Its reconstruction happens in your web browser. Therefore. Be sure to surf incognito or clear your browsing history during/after usage to not have your web browser store it on your mobile phone or computer. You can also use DuckDuckGo's mobile app.
2. Threads and files timestamp?
• Since there are no personal user data, all timestamps will be set to London Time-Zone (UTC+0 => Universal Time Coordinated).
3. Delete
• As everything is anonymous, I reserve the right to delete anything, at any time, as I see fit.
3.2. Users cannot delete content by themself
• To avoid BOT:s going heighwired and completely erase everything, users cannot delete data.
3.3. Do you need to delete something, for whatever reason
• Do you want anything erased? Please contact me by mail. Include the threads ID or a direct-link to the subject. Explain why you want whatever deleted. If your claim is valid, I'll remove it.
4. Legality
• This site is not meant to send illegal stuff. It's meant to give the common man a chance to send messages, images and chat back and forth with friends, anonymously online. Illegal content will be erased.
• Found content that might be illegal? Please contact me by mail. Include the threads ID or a direct-link to the subject. Explain why you want whatever deleted. If your claim is valid, I'll remove it.
5. Openness
• Since there are no personal user data, anyone with access to the chat room ID (or direct-link), will be able to read and answer everything. This allows you to continue a conversation with as many friends as you'd like. Just give them the threads ID or link. But. Due to this, never share any personal information. You will literally never know who reads what.
6. BETA 2.0 - Mars 2021
• is still in its BETA-phase. Things may change in the future depending on how this site develops. However, I can never backtrack since unsaved data are lost in space forever.
6.2. Feedback and Suggestions?
• I would love to hear what users think of this site, and to know if you want updated, new and/or more functions. Feel free to hit me with an E-Mail!
7. Contact
• Since this is a Free site without ADS, I will not spend every waking hour checking my inbox. So be ready it might take some days for me to answer. Add a good headline, and all extra information needed, to ensure faster response.
E-Mail: twilightcodes @